Exercises For Quadriceps

Four-headed muscles (quadriceps) form the anterior and lateral surfaces of the hips and consist of four bundles (hence the name). Three of them are indicated in the figures. It is the quadriceps that determine the appearance of the hips in the front and the side....
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What Is A Superset

Many people engaged in strength training on muscle mass or to lose weight, it becomes necessary to increase the intensity for further growth of the results. One way to increase the impact of training and reduce its duration are supersets (super series). Supersets are...
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Muscle Mass. Rules For Pumping Muscles

To increase muscle mass, during exercise it is necessary to perform a certain amount of load Muscle mass. How to pump muscle. What does this mean? And this means that the trained muscle must be under the load for a certain time to grow. Namely - 90-120 seconds per...
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